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Commands you need to teach your dog before and during leash training

While teaching your dog to listen to you, by telling certain commands, is part of the dog obedience training, the obedience training can be mixed with the leash training and you can make the dog understand that it needs to react to a command no matter if you are inside or outside for a walk.

There are several commands your dog needs to answer to when on leash and when without it. These words or commands are “stop,” “stay,” “come,” “sit,” “quiet,” “drop it,” “leave it” and “heel.” The first command a dog learns is “sit.” When your dog is inside the house and is used to having the leash on, you should start using simple commands like SIT or STAY. The SIT command is one of the easiest to teach especially if the dog has the leash on. Make the dog sit by pushing the dog’s posterior to the ground and lightly pull up on the leash while you keep repeating the word SIT.

The STAY command can be taught relatively easy and like the SIT command can be exercised while doing other things at home and the use of the leash is optional when in the house or your yard. For example you can put the dog the collar or the leash and command the dog to sit near you. When the god is sited, loosen the leash and tell him with a very firm voce to STAY. Walk away from the dog for a few steps and turn around to see if the dog is staying in the same place. If the dog stays in the place you left it, make sure you give the dog a treat and praise it. If the dog follows you repeat the same step until the dog understands the STAY command.

The COME and STAY commands go hand in hand once the dog starts understanding the STAY command. When you are teaching your dog the STAY and COME commands, make sure you use a leash that lets you walk a few steps away from the dog without pulling the dog after you. Once the dog starts to understand the STAY command, you can then command the dog to COME. When you are sure that the dog is responding to these commands you can try putting them in practice without using the leash.

Also for successful leash training you need to make sure your dog understands the HEEL command which means the dog is walking close to your left foot without you having to pull on the leash. Other important commands while leash training your dog are QUIET, DROP IT and LEAVE IT. The QUIET command is necessary so that you can walk your dog without disturbing other people. The DROP IT and LEAVE IT commands are important because they both involve quick leash tugs and you want your dog to understand the picking up things and carrying them in the mouth while on a walk, it’s not something you agree with.

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